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Critical Healthline
How is it different from a standard Mediclaim policy?

This is a Fixed Benefit Policy with flexible Sum Insured options for listed Critical Illness (mentioned in the Policy). Get Income Tax exemption up to Rs 25,000/- under Section 80 D of Income Tax Act for covering yourself, your spouse and dependent children under Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance.

But isn't a standard Mediclaim policy enough?

Though a Mediclaim insurance covers both minor and critical illness hospitalization expenses, it does not provide for loss of income, mortgage repayments, educational expenses arising out of prolonged hospitalization, etc.

Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance, on the other hand, gives you a lump sum if diagnosed with any of the listed illness (see list) without any hospitalization bill to help manage critical illness expenses, as well as other financial commitments, comfortably.

What if I already have a life cover?

A life insurance policy pays your family when you are not around. Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance pays you on the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease.

Reasons to buy Chola MS Critical Healthline Insurance
  • Lump sum payment for a range of critical illnesses: Fixed Benefit equal to Sum Insured when you are diagnosed with any of the Critical Illnesses as defined in the policy
  • Two plan options to choose from:
    Standard Plan: Covers 10 listed critical illnesses
    Advanced Plan: Covers 12 listed critical illnesses plus ambulance charges of up to ₹1000.
  • Lifetime renewal

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