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Super Topup

Chola Super Topup Insurance is an aggregate Top Up Plan that provides coverage to meet your higher medical expenses on a floating Sum Insured basis or on Individual Sum Insured basis.

This policy offers you additional protection at an affordable cost. Claim reimbursement upto the Sum Insured in excess of deductible. Deductible is a cost-sharing requirement under this Policy, where the Company will not be liable for medical expenses upto a specified rupee amount of the covered expenses in a policy year as opted, i.e., Deductible is the amount upto which the Company will not pay for all the claims incurred in a policy year under the policy.

A Deductible does not reduce the Sum Insured. Deductible will apply over aggregate of all admissible claims under the policy per annum by insured under Individual cover or insured family under Family Floater cover.

Policy provides two different plans with wide Sum Insured and Deductible options to suit your needs.

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