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Regional Transport Office

Chola MS - RTO

Regional Transport Office by RTO code

The Regional Transport Office or Regional Transport Authority (RTO / RTA) is the organisation of the Indian government responsible for maintaining a database of drivers and a database of vehicles for various states of India. The RTO issues driving licences, organises collection of vehicle excise duty (also known as road tax and road fund licence) and sells personalised registrations.

Select your nearest RTO branch based on below options

An-1 An-2 Ap-1
Ap-15 Ap-2 Ap-20
Ap-21 Ap-23 Ap-24
Ap-26 Ap-27 Ap-28
Ap-3 Ap-30 Ap-35
Ap-36 Ap-37 Ap-5
Ap-6 Ap-7 Ar-10
Ar-12 Ar-13 Ar-14
Ar-16 Ar-3 Ar-4
Ar-5 Ar-7 Ar-8
Ar-9 As-10 As-11
As-12 As-13 As-14
As-15 As-16 As-17
As-18 As-2 As-22
As-23 As-24 As-25
As-26 As-27 As-28
As-3 As-30 As-4
As-5 As-6 As-7
As-8 As-9 Br-10
Br-11 Br-12 Br-13
Br-14 Br-16 Br-18
Br-19 Br-2 Br-20
Br-21 Br-22 Br-23
Br-24 Br-25 Br-26
Br-27 Br-28 Br-29
Br-3 Br-30 Br-32
Br-33 Br-34 Br-37
Br-38 Br-39 Br-4
Br-40 Br-41 Br-42
Br-43 Br-44 Br-45
Br-5 Br-50 Br-55
Br-56 Br-6 Br-7
Br-8 Br-9 Cg-11
Cg-12 Cg-13 Cg-14
Cg-15 Cg-16 Cg-17
Cg-18 Cg-19 Cg-20
Cg-21 Cg-22 Cg-24
Cg-25 Cg-29 Cg-4
Cg-5 Cg-6 Cg-7
Cg-8 Cg-9 Ch-19
Ch-2 Dd-2 Dl-1
Dl-12 Dl-3 Dl-4
Dl-6 Dl-7 Dl-9
Dn-9 Ga-10 Ga-2
Ga-7 Gj-1 Gj-10
Gj-11 Gj-12 Gj-13
Gj-14 Gj-15 Gj-16
Gj-18 Gj-20 Gj-21
Gj-22 Gj-23 Gj-24
Gj-25 Gj-3 Gj-30
Gj-33 Gj-34 Gj-35
Gj-36 Gj-37 Gj-4
Gj-6 Gj-7 Gj-8
Hp-14 Hp-17 Hp-20
Hp-21 Hp-22 Hp-24
Hp-25 Hp-28 Hp-34
Hp-40 Hp-41 Hp-46
Hp-48 Hp-52 Hr-1
Hr-10 Hr-12 Hr-13
Hr-16 Hr-22 Hr-24
Hr-26 Hr-30 Hr-31
Hr-34 Hr-36 Hr-39
Hr-49 Hr-5 Hr-51
Hr-58 Hr-60 Hr-7
Hr-9 Jh-1 Jh-10
Jh-11 Jh-12 Jh-13
Jh-14 Jh-16 Jh-17
Jh-19 Jh-2 Jh-20
Jh-21 Jh-22 Jh-24
Jh-3 Jh-4 Jh-5
Jh-6 Jh-7 Jh-9
Jk-1 Jk-10 Jk-11
Jk-14 Jk-2 Jk-3
Jk-4 Jk-5 Jk-6
Jk-7 Jk-8 Ka-1
Ka-10 Ka-11 Ka-12
Ka-13 Ka-14 Ka-16
Ka-17 Ka-18 Ka-19
Ka-20 Ka-22 Ka-25
Ka-26 Ka-28 Ka-30
Ka-32 Ka-34 Ka-36
Ka-37 Ka-38 Ka-41
Ka-42 Ka-48 Ka-6
Ka-68 Ka-7 Ka-9
Kl-1 Kl-10 Kl-11
Kl-12 Kl-13 Kl-14
Kl-2 Kl-26 Kl-4
Kl-5 Kl-55 Kl-6
Kl-7 Kl-9 Ld-1
Mh-10 Mh-11 Mh-12
Mh-13 Mh-14 Mh-15
Mh-16 Mh-18 Mh-19
Mh-2 Mh-21 Mh-22
Mh-23 Mh-25 Mh-26
Mh-27 Mh-28 Mh-30
Mh-31 Mh-32 Mh-33
Mh-34 Mh-35 Mh-36
Mh-37 Mh-38 Mh-39
Mh-4 Mh-43 Mh-52
Mh-6 Mh-7 Mh-9
Ml-10 Ml-4 Ml-5
Ml-6 Ml-7 Ml-8
Ml-9 Mn-1 Mn-2
Mn-3 Mn-4 Mn-7
Mp-10 Mp-11 Mp-12
Mp-13 Mp-15 Mp-16
Mp-17 Mp-18 Mp-19
Mp-21 Mp-22 Mp-23
Mp-24 Mp-25 Mp-26
Mp-27 Mp-28 Mp-30
Mp-31 Mp-32 Mp-33
Mp-34 Mp-35 Mp-37
Mp-38 Mp-39 Mp-4
Mp-40 Mp-41 Mp-42
Mp-43 Mp-44 Mp-45
Mp-46 Mp-48 Mp-49
Mp-5 Mp-50 Mp-51
Mp-52 Mp-53 Mp-55
Mp-58 Mp-6 Mp-65
Mp-66 Mp-68 Mp-7
Mp-8 Mp-9 Mz-1
Mz-2 Mz-3 Mz-4
Mz-5 Mz-6 Mz-7
Mz-8 Nl-1 Nl-2
Nl-3 Nl-4 Nl-5
Nl-6 Nl-7 Nl-8
Od-33 Or-1 Or-10
Or-11 Or-12 Or-13
Or-15 Or-16 Or-18
Or-19 Or-20 Or-21
Or-22 Or-23 Or-25
Or-26 Or-27 Or-28
Or-29 Or-3 Or-30
Or-31 Or-4 Or-5
Or-6 Or-7 Or-8
Or-9 Pb-1 Pb-10
Pb-11 Pb-12 Pb-13
Pb-16 Pb-19 Pb-2
Pb-23 Pb-27 Pb-29
Pb-3 Pb-30 Pb-31
Pb-32 Pb-4 Pb-5
Pb-6 Pb-7 Pb-8
Pb-9 Py-2 Py-3
Py-4 Rj-1 Rj-10
Rj-11 Rj-12 Rj-13
Rj-14 Rj-15 Rj-16
Rj-17 Rj-18 Rj-19
Rj-2 Rj-20 Rj-21
Rj-22 Rj-23 Rj-24
Rj-25 Rj-26 Rj-27
Rj-28 Rj-29 Rj-3
Rj-30 Rj-31 Rj-34
Rj-4 Rj-5 Rj-6
Rj-7 Rj-8 Rj-9
Sk-1 Sk-2 Sk-3
Sk-4 Tn-10 Tn-23
Tn-24 Tn-25 Tn-27
Tn-28 Tn-29 Tn-31
Tn-32 Tn-33 Tn-37
Tn-43 Tn-45 Tn-47
Tn-49 Tn-5 Tn-50
Tn-51 Tn-55 Tn-57
Tn-58 Tn-60 Tn-61
Tn-63 Tn-65 Tn-67
Tn-69 Tn-7 Tn-72
Tn-74 Tr-1 Tr-3
Tr-4 Tr-6 Tr-7
Ts-1 Ts-15 Ts-16
Ts-17 Ts-18 Ts-19
Ts-21 Ts-22 Ts-23
Ts-25 Ts-28 Ts-29
Ts-3 Ts-31 Ts-33
Ts-34 Ts-36 Ts-4
Ts-5 Ts-6 Ts-7
Ts-8 Ts-9 Ua-11
Ua-12 Ua-2 Ua-6
Ua-8 Uk-13 Uk-20
Uk-3 Uk-9 Up-1
Up-10 Up-12 Up-13
Up-14 Up-15 Up-16
Up-17 Up-2 Up-20
Up-22 Up-23 Up-24
Up-25 Up-26 Up-27
Up-28 Up-3 Up-31
Up-32 Up-33 Up-34
Up-35 Up-38 Up-4
Up-40 Up-41 Up-42
Up-43 Up-44 Up-45
Up-46 Up-47 Up-5
Up-50 Up-51 Up-52
Up-53 Up-54 Up-55
Up-56 Up-57 Up-58
Up-6 Up-60 Up-61
Up-62 Up-63 Up-64
Up-65 Up-66 Up-67
Up-7 Up-70 Up-71
Up-72 Up-73 Up-74
Up-75 Up-76 Up-77
Up-79 Up-8 Up-80
Up-83 Up-85 Up-86
Up-87 Up-9 Up-90
Up-92 Up-93 Up-94
Up-95 Up-96 Wb-1
Wb-14 Wb-16 Wb-18
Wb-20 Wb-23 Wb-3
Wb-30 Wb-33 Wb-40
Wb-41 Wb-52 Wb-54
Wb-56 Wb-60 Wb-64
Wb-66 Wb-68 Wb-70
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