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Third Party Bike Insurance

Third Party Bike Insurance

Insure your two wheeler within minutes.


Financial Assistance - Third-party bike insurance provides financial assistance by covering your liability for damages caused by your insured two wheeler to a person, property or vehicle. Paying for all of these costs from your own pocket is a huge obligation otherwise.

Easy Online Processing - Buying a third-party bike insurance online is easy and requires just a few documents. The processing is quick and hassle-free because it doesn’t cover your insured vehicle.

Affordable Option - Two wheeler third party insurance is cheap compared to other insurance covers and add-ons. You get a higher risk cover at a lower premium rate.

Peace of Mind - Owning third party two wheeler insurance puts your mind at rest and prepares you to deal with events that may cost you financially and prove to be very stressful without insurance.

Events during which a comprehensive third party two wheeler insurance comes into force include - 
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